Why go to a professional music school?
Wouldn’t it just be EASIER to have a TEACHER come to YOUR HOUSE for music lessons ?

Should I get lessons at home?

Busy people often contemplate having lessons at home. Is there really any difference between our facility... and yours?

Advantages of taking lessons in 
your home:

1.  Mom & dad don’t have to drive the student to lessons
Advantages of attending a professional music school:

1. Professional music schools exist for one purpose: to provide an excellent music education. To this end, the finest teachers gravitate to professional music schools. Teachers who are not associated with top notch music schools due to their lack of experience or education, lack of facilities, lack of expertise and lack of success with their students are often those who are willing to drive to students' homes. It’s not the rule, but in general, a teacher willing to drive to your home, will not be as highly sought after as those in a professional music school.

2. Students are motivated by seeing other students learning like them. Peer pressure, in the best sense of the term, is at play when students in class observe each other. When students play together in preparation for recitals and class performances, there is a sense of comradery formed that keeps them coming back. Even while sitting and waiting for their lesson to begin, the student sees and hears friends, looks forward to seeing familiar faces, and gets caught in the energy of the creative environment.

3. The professional music school environment is designed to promote optimal learning. With fine instruments, attentive teachers and quiet classrooms, students can focus on learning. At the student’s home, the phone rings, the dog barks, the TV is blaring, other family members are talking and life happens. The teacher might not have all the necessary resources to fully capture a student's attention. Perhaps the piano is a less-than-desirable-quality instrument. For many students, their only opportunity to play on a grand piano or to sing with a microphone on stage, is when they go to a recital once or twice a year. At our school, each room has a grand piano. We have proper sound equipment, percussion instruments and spaces for students to musically collaborate.

4. Performances are important milestones for the developing student musician.  Having access to a performing hall with a stage, lights, sound equipment, and fine instruments is necessary for students to have strong preparatory experiences. Recitals and open mics are special events for family and friends to celebrate the progress that has been made and for the student to take pride in their accomplishments. Regular recitals are conducted at professional music schools.  And only a few schools, like ours, don’t charge extra for them!

5. There is a sometimes subtle transformation the student undergoes in preparing himself for learning during the drive from home or school TO the professional music school.  He knows he’s going somewhere for the purpose of learning. He knows he needs to be prepared and will go over the music in his head, like a meditation. He knows he will be asked to participate and perform. The student who goes to the professional music school will be more alert, more attentive and more respectful. Teachers who go to students’ homes often report the lack of concentration on the student’s part, of their not being mentally geared for learning, and the general chaos of the less-than-ideal learning environment.

6.  A professional music school takes care of billing and scheduling so the teacher can focus on what they do best.  Musicians are not always comfortable with the business end of music lessons.  Most teachers are relieved to not have this responsibility when they can finally work for a music school instead of having to deal with the student or their parents directly on this matter.  

7.  A teacher at a music school is a happy teacher. The teacher that must run from house to house, dealing with traffic, accidents, road work and car trouble devotes less of her heart and mind to what matters most.

8.  Students simply do better in a professional environment. Even the best at-home teacher can't lug around all the resources that are available at our school  Making the extra effort will give your child the best possible learning experience.
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