Class or Private Lessons?
Our goal is to provide students of all ages the skills they need to enjoy music and the arts for a lifetime. Some student learn better in a class; others are more comfortable in private lessons.  Many of our students get the best of both worlds by taking both a weekly class lesson and a weekly private lesson! 

Most of our instrumental students begin their musical education in a class.  Group lessons work well for students motivated by peer dynamics as some find the social interaction less intimidating than a private lesson.  Students' rhythm and listening skills are better developed in a class and students learn to work well as a valued member of a team. Class lessons are less costly than private lessons.  Many of our classes for the very young require parent attendance.  This provides a nice experience for the parent and child to work together at home and in class.

Private lessons allow students to progress at their own pace and gain personalized training for their technical and interpretive skills. Private lesson students can start any time of the month or year so there's no need to wait for a specific start time as is the case with classes.  Private lessons are usually recommended for adults students.

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