DiscoveryARTS Music, Art and Drama 5-Day Camps 
Ski Week, Spring, Summer and Winter Vacations Ages 3-12
What is DiscoveryArts Camp? 
DiscoveryARTS Camp introduces children to music, art and drama. Each 
camper's experience will stretch their imagination, foster creativity and 
reveal their artist within! Each weekly camp is theme-based and campers 
enjoy preparing a Grand Finale Performance each Friday! In music class, 
in addition to learning basic musical concepts, rhythms and notes, students 
will learn songs from the theme of the week and put choreography with it for the showcase. Drama class allows everyone to experience life on the stage. Campers become their favorite characters in preparing for the big show! In art class, campers are exposed to a variety of art mediums and techniques including painting, sketching, landscapes, modeling with clay and learning techniques of Art Masters. 

Musical Madness Ages 3-12  Mon - Thur 2:00 - 4:15 pm  $125/wk as camp extension, $150/wk without camp
For students who wish to extend their camp day, Musical Madness is offered from 2:00-4:15 Monday-Thursday. In this class, children will experience a different instrument each day with a master teacher. This hands-on approach allows children to see how the sounds are produced and the ease and/or difficulties involved with each instrument. They will play simple pieces with each day's instrument. We provide the instruments and the top-notch instructors to help your child get the feel for a variety of different instruments: Piano, Guitar, Drums & Voice. This class can be taken by itself or as an extension to your child's camp day.  Program also includes snacks, art project and rest period.

A Typical Day at DiscoveryARTS Camp 
Students will attend 4 classes per day- music, art, drama and musical theatre. Each of the teachers of these classes, while emphasizing the story and characters of the week's theme, will teach the artistic, musical, and dramatic concepts and skills necessary to present a rewarding Friday Parent Performance. For example, musical concepts include rhythm training and reading, dynamics (loud & soft), reading of symbols, vocal production, etc. Artistic concepts include perspective, color wheel, use of different mediums, art history, etc. Drama concepts include stage positioning, vocal projection, learning to be in character, performance skills. Musical theatre class is where the children will participate in the selection of their costumes, and they will rehearse their lines, choreography, and lyrics as well as focusing on being in character. There is one teacher per class and if the class has more than 10 students, there will be a counselor/teaching assistant. Our average group size is 10-15. Between each of the classes is a short break where campers will have a choice of beverages (water / lemonade), snacks (crackers / fruit) and a trip to the bathroom. We take a 30 minute lunch break between the 3rd and 4th classes. Students typically have 3-4 different teachers during the day. We may have as many as 3 groups each week in simultaneous camps of different themes/ages of campers in separate classrooms. Parents are asked to sign their children into their 1st period class each day and assist them with their nametags. Likewise, we ask parents to sign them out at the end of the day and remove their nametags. Please check to see that they have any outerwear with them and their lunch boxes when they leave in the afternoon. Thank you for making sure all camper's personal items are clearly marked with their name in bold letters. Thursdays and Fridays have a condensed class schedule so students will have a dress rehearsal on Thursday in preparation for the Friday Parent Performance. Each class is reduced in length by 10 minutes. Lunch is a little earlier on these 2 days.  Students will make friends with the other campers during the week as the atmosphere of the camp focuses on having a stress-free, enjoyable week while 
producing a high-quality production. This goal-oriented focus creates a sense of
teamwork and pride in what the group produces together. Our goal is that each 
child makes a positive association with the arts and whets their appetite to continue
their artistic pursuits.

WINTER, SPRING & SUMMER DiscoveryARTS Camp Tuition 
Camp: Monday - Friday 9:00am-2:00pm $295/wk 
AGES 3-12 Snacks provided. Please provide a peanut-free sack lunch.
Musical Madness Extension available

Additional DiscoveryARTS Camp Information 
Our camps do fill quickly.  We recommend booking your camp early. If your child has 
never before attended our DiscoveryArts Camp, please feel free to schedule a facility 
tour so they will feel comfortable on their first day of camp.  If you are considering 
Summer DiscoveryARTS Camps, try to attend the Spring Camp so you will feel 
confident in registering for Summer Camp early to avoid disappointment of closed 
weeks. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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in a friendly atmosphere guided by enthusiastic professionals.
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