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Pacific Conservatory is proud to present:

Comprehensive Musicianship
FAST TRACK Intensive Camps
Mon – Thur.  9:00 – 3:00 pm
20 class hours per week

These intensive camps are for students who desire to fast-track their musical education to the next level. Whether you are wanting to move from elementary level to intermediate, or intermediate to advanced, this camp program is for you! It is designed for instrumentalists and vocalists who wish to fast-track their musical training to prepare for OCSA auditions, college entrance audition preparation or preparation for Certificate of Merit testing. These camps are appropriate for all serious students at all but beginning levels who are serious about learning music. Students will be placed in appropriate groupings. Fast Track your child's musical success!! 
Available Weeks:

December 21-23, 2015
December 28-30, 2015


June - July - August 2016
This course is designed for:

1. PC students who take private lessons only and do not participate in Comprehensive Musicianship classes during the school year.  Pacific Conservatory students are required to take either 1 hr/week Comprehensive Musicianship weekly classes during the school year or 3-wks Fast Track Intensive Camps if they would like to participate in Certificate of Merit testing.

2. Students whose repertoire and performing skills surpass their knowledge and usability of theory

3. Students who wish to move quickly through curriculum in order to prepare for auditions (OCSA) or college applications.

4. Students who are motivated to move ahead so they can join a more advanced CM class.

5. Any student (including teens/adults) who would like to brush up on their skills.

​6. Students who wish to improve their improvisation skills so they can join the Rock/Blues Band program.

Course includes:

o Written Theory
o Aural Theory
o Keyboard Harmony
o Technique 
o Sight reading
o Improvisation
o Ear Training
o Music Appreciation

Course syllabus will cover requirements for MTAC testing and for OCSA auditions. It is recommended that students take weekly private lessons in order to thoroughly prepare repertoire for MTAC testing and OCSA auditions.

What is the Daily Schedule :

Students will be taught by our professional Pacific Conservatory faculty members and occasional guest teachers. In fast-paced but enjoyable and interesting classes, students will move through the various subjects striking a balance between new material and review of previous day’s concepts. Students will have two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break. Students should bring snacks, beverage and a peanut-free sack lunch. All classes take place at the Costa Mesa Pacific Conservatory campus.


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