Guitar for Beginners
Our Guitar Classes are designed to give each child a well-rounded musical experience while learning the basics of playing the guitar.  We encourage children to make music together in an enjoyable classroom setting, while simultaneously developing the necessary skills and discipline to afford them a lifetime of musical enjoyment. 
Students will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the guitar, as well as an introduction to the wide world of plucked string instruments such as Ukelele, Balalaika, Banjo etc... All students will learn how to read standard notation, TAB, chord charts and lead sheets. They will learn how to use a pick as well as their fingers to pluck the strings, and be introduced to Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, Blues, Jazz, Rock and Pop styles of music. The program includes music theory, tonal harmony, ear training and improvisation which are key to a robust knowledge of acoustic and electric guitars! Students will have regular performing opportunities.
Tips for Success During the Class:
Attend every week, even if your child didn't do their home assignment!
Be on time and help your child get their class materials ready.
Pay attention during the lesson. 
Take notes!  Even if you have a strong musical background (which isn't necessary to be a helpful parent), you may learn some new ways of approaching concepts and it will be helpful to review these at home.

How to Support Your Child Between Classes:
Reinforce class activities at home with regular practicing. Try for 5-6 days per week.
Attend a makeup class if you missed your regular class.  New concepts are introduced weekly.  You are also welcome to attend makeup classes if you and your teacher feel the extra class time would be beneficial even if you weren't absent.
Check the online home assignment to make sure you don't miss reviewing any class concepts
Schedule 15-20 min regular practice times that match your family's routine: before/after school, before/after dinner, etc.  Short, daily practice sessions are more productive than hour- long sessions on the weekend.
Check the school calendar for vacation, recital, special event dates.
Communicate with the office and with your teacher by emailing them at:  Teacher@pacificconservatory.com.  They (or the office staff) will respond to all questions and comments.
Email or call the office if you will be absent.

Keep track of the number of practice sessions so your child can report to their teacher.
Attend musical events in the community.  Live music of any genre is motivating and stimulating to the studying musician (and their parent!)
Never use practice time as punishment for other misdeeds. 
Brings all your materials.  Keeps books and binders in the Pacific Conservatory briefcase so it will be easy to have everything together when it's time to leave for your lesson.
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