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Young Students' Classes
All young students’ classes include songs, art, theater, games, etc., in addition to conversation and writing activities. Older students who are following school programs will be following a more academic program preparing for College or University. Cultural aspects and regional information of each country is a regular part of the curriculum so students receive a valuable introduction to life in France, Spain and China. All language classes are 55 minutes long.

Younger students are taught through games, listening and visuals. They won’t write, but they will be able to speak at a level higher than their age. Young students do a lot of talking in class! There are lots of visuals: animals of the world; fruits, veggies, musical instruments, arts, crafts, etc. Cheerful posters and bright books with numbers, letters and objects to identify are in the classroom. The students in class are never passive; they will sing songs for all the subjects. Many themes will be brought in: holidays, Carnival (Venice), clothes, costumes, body parts, etc. The purpose of all these activities is to review vocabulary.

Ages 2.5-5yrs: no homework as the goal is to open the ear. Students will learn alphabet and do activities which connect letters to animals,, or animals to colors, etc. Not writing, but moving in that direction. This age doesn’t tell time with the clock, but they know the daily activities: get, go to bed, etc.

Ages 5-6: will begin writing skills and this age group will use the clock for exercises.

​The last 10 minutes of each class, the teacher reads to the students to calm them and let them listen to the music of the language…look at the pictures, enjoy the stories.

Older Students' Classes
Students who are 8 yrs and older still have lots of fun in their classes, but it’s more serious; they begin to study grammar. This is important because there are many foreign language speakers who don’t know how to read and write in their language. Flashcards are used for numbers, letters, vocabulary and they are available to purchase. All classes move progressively through the various standardized levels in preparation for High School and College language classes. 

Adults have their own curriculum so they can prepare for trips abroad or just speak and comprehend for their own pleasure. Their classes will include practical training such as: ordering in restaurants, finding your way around town, basic conversation, weather, shopping, etc. Included are subjects of cultural interest and overviews of different regions of France, Spain and China. All language classes are 55 minutes long.

How to Support Your Child Between Classes:

• Reinforce class activities at home with regular review of materials. Try for 5-6 days per week.

• Attend a makeup class if you missed your regular class. New concepts are introduced weekly. You are also welcome to attend makeup classes if you and your teacher feel the extra class time would be beneficial.

• Check the online home assignment to make sure don’t miss reviewing any class concepts

• Schedule 10-20 min regular study times that match your family’s routine: before/after school, before/after dinner, etc. Short, daily practice sessions are more productive than hour- long sessions on the weekend.

• Check the school calendar for vacation, recital, special event dates

• Communicate with your teacher via their school email: Teacher@pacificconservatory.com. They (or the office staff) will respond to all questions and comments.

• Email or call the office if you will be absent

• Keep track of the number of practice sessions so you can report to their teacher.

• Attend cultural events in the community. Any opportunity to listen to the language being studied or experience the culture will bring the subject to life for your child.

• Brings all your materials. Keeps books and binders in the Pacific Conservatory briefcase so it will be easy to find when it’s time to leave for your lesson.


Other Language Programs Available

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