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Pacific Conservatory is committed to providing a comprehensive program for language acquisition.  To fully appreciate another culture, it is not only necessary to understand and speak the language, but it is likewise important to understand the cultural references behind those spoken words.  

Combining native speakers with secondary language speakers, current statistics show the 3 languages we are offering as the most highly spoken languages worldwide:
1. Mandarin Chinese (1.12 billion) 
2. English (480 million) 
3. Spanish (320 million) 
4. Russian (285 million)
5. French (265 million)

To this end, we offer a variety of language and cultural opportunities to aid in the absorbtion of these other worlds.  Check this page often as offerings will vary on a regular basis.

Serious language acquisition students and those who are working towards specific academic language goals will benefit from private tutoring.  These may be scheduled as a one-on-one lesson with a teacher.  Other configurations include 2 students plus teacher in a semi-private setting.  This allows for interaction and peer learning.  3 students plus teacher is also available.  These small groups allow for vital teacher/student, student/student interaction which facilitates conversation and comprehension.

Pacific Conservatory has offered DiscoveryARTS Camps for more than 20 years.  These integrated camps which include music, art and drama and parent performances will serve as a model for our Language & Culture Camps.  Coming from the premise that children (young and old!) learn best in relaxed, playful settings, these camps will gently introduce students to basic vocabulary while reinforing numbers, colors, greetings, and short phrases appropriate to the week's themes.  Students will participate in 4 classes daily with the focus on conversation.  Some of the training will be taught through songs and chants matched with choreography.  Etiquette/manners classes will include cultural references. This is a fun way to introduce or reinforce your child's experience with another language.

Music, art & drama workshops will be offered from time to time to further explore the cultures of the languages we offer.  

As our Language Department grows, we will institute Clubs that will take field trips to explore cultural opportunities available in Southern California.  What a fun way to sample different foods, listen to their music, explore their art and experience how they celebrate their different holidays.  Stay tuned!

Movie Night is the perfect way to immerse your child in their new language.  While enjoying snacks and a movie, they will practice their conversation and social skills, putting into practice what they've learned in their language class.  It's also a great opportunity for parents to enjoy a couple hours of time to themselves. Check here often for dates of upcoming Movie Nights.  Your child does not have to be enrolled in our classes to attend, but they need a minimum foundation in the language of the evening so they will enjoy the activities.  
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