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Review from Pooneh K. on 03/01/2012
We love the Pacific Conservatory! Both our teachers are excellent musicians who are equally talented as teachers. They understand my kids and nurtured them both to love playing the piano as well as learning the theory behind it all. My kids love to practice to show their accomplishments to their teacher and look forward to the recitals. The administrative staff is very professional and helpful as well making the overall experience at the school joyful for all of us.

Review by Jo P. on 02/29/2012
My son, Andrew P, is a student at Pacific Conservatory in the music department, in Costa Mesa. He plays piano and started attending the school in 2007. He has been taking both group and private lessons for 4 1/2 years now. My child loves going to the piano classes and has learned many valuable lessons in music for both playing piano pieces and in theory. He looks forward to the recitals twice per year, and these experiences have really increased his confidence and his own appreciation for music. The teachers and staff are very friendly and supportive, and I would recommend this school to my family and friends.

Review from Cristina R. on 2/29/2012
It has been a pleasure to have my sons attend classes at Pacific Conservatory. My husband and I wanted our sons to be well-rounded individuals and with the numerous cut backs in music programs in public schools we knew we had to find a great music school. That is precisely what we found in Pacific Conservatory. We also knew the positive impact piano classes have on mathematical development so we choose piano classes. We have been here from the Mommy and Me classes to Comprehensive Musicianship. Our entire family has been delighted in the progress our sons have made during these years and they are also delighted. We are also very happy their great progress and achievement in mathematics. Everyone at Pacific Conservatory is warm, caring and also willing to help in any way they can.

Review from Mimi J., Orange on 2-28-12
Corey has been taking music and now language lessons at Pacific Conservatory for since she was five years. In fact, she began at the school attending an introductory music class when she was just three years old. Corey was introduced to musical instruments, sang songs and had a great time in this interactive class.
In piano, Corey started with group lessons then moved onto private lessons. She also trained in group voice lessons, which did wonders for her self confidence. The summer and winter recitals are professionally presented and exciting. Corey''s favorite class is the week-long camps with movie or theater themes. She has met many  best friends along the way in these camps. 
At Pacific Conservatory, Corey learned the love of the arts & music, which we all need to enrich our lives. I have watched this school grow from a music school for kids to a true performing arts school that is now going into the area of language and culture. The administrators are caring and the teachers are excellent. I highly recommend Pacific Conservatory for any parent looking to enroll their children in a music, art or language program which unfortunately have become less and less available through our public schools.

Review by Heather M. from Huntington Beach on 02/27/12
My children are students at Pacific Conservatory. My daughter plays piano and my son plays guitar. In less than a year, my eight year old son has discovered a love of music and happily practices daily. He has even started writing his own song lyrics in his free time! My six year old daughter has been playing for a year and a half and can't wait to start singing lessons too. She has taken Spanish classes and attended summer camp at Pacific Conservatory. In addition to piano, she will start musical theater classes next month. Thanks Pacific Conservatory for helping us instill a life-long appreciation of the arts. 

Review from Truc L. 02/24/2012
My daughter currently is a student at Pacific conservatory and has been taking piano lessons for 7 years. She started out when she was 4 years of age in the Little Music for Mozarts program and has progressed to private lessons now. She was also in the comprehensive piano program last year and has passed CM level 4. Piano has been a great benefit for my daughter. At times, it can be challenging to persuade her to practice, but once she accomplished a beautiful piece, she loves playing and sharing her song with family members and friends. 

Review by smr on 02/17/2012
What a fantastic school! My son started studying the piano rather late with them (twelve), but their wonderful teachers have given him the best instruction and he feels so supported!! He's a teenager now and looks forward to his lessons at Pacific Conservatory as the high point of his week! We plan on staying with them through to college.

Review by D. Le on 2/15/2012
I would like to send my deepest appreciation to "Pacific Conservatory" School of Music and the Arts. I have been blessed to be able to choose a school with a team full of expertise, and with truly amazing talents. One of the hardest decisions I have to make was to find the right music school for my kids. I wanted my kids to be able to stay, and progress to the highest level in hope for their brighter future.  My daughter, Kayla (10 yrs old), has been attending Pacific Conservatory since 2005. She has been working hard, and at the same time, enjoying her music. My son, Ryan (8 yrs old), who has been motivated by his sister Kayla, attends the school, as well. Both of them are enjoying their time, and truly doing very well in class. These kids have an amazing connection with their teachers and classmates. 
Always looking forward to coming and learning good quality, fun music.
Pacific Conservatory has been doing such a marvelous job in creating superb ideas to keep students and parents inspired!
Thank you "Pacific Conservatory"... We are inspired by you!!
Sincerely, The Le Family

Review by Stephanie G. from Huntington Beach on 6/26/2011 
My daughter just completed their summer camp. She loved it so much she wants to go back all summer. The staff is wonderful, it's a safe, loving environment and they learn so much in one week. Definitely check out this school for the arts. They also have classes during the summer and school year as well.

Review by Jenifer W. from Newport Beach on 3/9/2011
My seven year old daughter has attended two of their camps during school vacations this year. It has been wonderful to see her self-confidence grow in this low pressure environment. She has gotten comfortable acting and singing in a small-stage setting and also with learning her lines and songs. An overall excellent experience! She's looking forward to returning this summer.

Review by DisneyMom73 from Costa Mesa on 9/17/2010
SUMMER CAMPS & PIANO LESSONS: I placed my daughter this summer in three camps at Pacific Conservatory. The staff was GREAT!!  I felt that I was leaving my child in a safe place and that everyone cared about her well being and having FUN.  She is now enrolled in a piano class and she is loving every minute of it.  I can't wait for recital time.

Review by Shelby J. from Newport Beach on 2/14/2010
Try one of the summer camps. I took my child to the summer camps for at least 3 years (K, 1st, 2nd). The children all get onto the stage together so they have the comfort of "others" and it bolsters their confidence. It's good for early learners and a good start for them to learn stage presence. This place also offers weekly music lessons throughout the year.

Review by OCMom08 on 09/14/2010
They have a great KinderARTS program that will move your child to the right direction toward piano or any other musical instrument. I've been very happy in how my child developed the LOVE of classical music. I recommend to start with group lessons and add private lessons after 2-3 years. They also have a Certificate of Merit program and recitals twice a year for the kids and faculty recitals for the children to see their teachers once a year. I also love that the teachers are clean cut and well-mannered. Thank you for having a school with such high standards. This come from a mom that started her child as a baby in music and now she has moved to collage and is becoming music major. :) Thank you over and over again for giving her a solid foundation.

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